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Nurture your child’s abilities and Christian values by enrolling them in our preschool program.

Child feeding dog by saugage at homeThe Preschool program we offer gives your children a chance to take a step forward into their social, physical, cognitive, and language development. In this stage, we train your child to delve into their curiosity and explore the things around them. We help them adapt to changes in their environment and their routine. During group huddles facilitated by our teachers, we encourage them to engage in active discussions that require them to ask and answer questions. Through this, they will learn from one another, stimulate their minds, and grow in fellowship together as God’s children.

With the help of our committed educators, we mold your children to be ready for prekindergarten learning and to be faithful Christians in the community. Through our holistic and individualized approach to learning, we make sure that each child is ready to take the next step in academic and spiritual growth.

For a more thorough understanding of our preschool curriculum, you can download it here.

If you have questions or concerns regarding our preschool program, kindly contact us or schedule a visit today.