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Give your child an early learning head start through our My Morning Out program.

Mother and her child playing togetherOur My Morning Out (MMO) program gives your two-year-old children an opportunity to experience early learning in a school setting. This curriculum helps them discover their capabilities as an individual and a team player. They start growing in the values they acquire through social interaction, student-teacher encounters, and individual activities.

With the assistance of our competent teachers, your child will be able to discover their own individuality and start building character. They will grow physically through both indoor and outdoor activities that are closely monitored by teachers. Your little one will learn simple problem-solving, and symbolic thinking exercises through play and other hands-on activities. This program also helps build their literacy and speaking skills through storytelling, singing of nursery rhymes, writing, and more.

Get to know our My Morning Out (MMO) curriculum by downloading it here.

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